Client Review By Ivonne and Robert Cobas

We’re Robert and Ivonne Cobas, and we purchased this house from Mario Avalos.  We’ve lived here since December. I’m in IT and [Ivonne] I’m in healthcare.  We started looking for our house back in August.  And started talking to Mario off and on about a year before.

What challenges did Mario help overcome?

Robert: I think the biggest challenge for us was the loan process. It wasn’t as smooth as we hoped it would be because of bank red-tape. Our lender kept putting obstacles in our way, and Mario helped us navigate through all those obstacles.  He was constantly on the phone with the bank, sellers, and the other real estate agent.

Ivonne: Also, whenever we got worried why this is taking so long, Mario would always guide us.   He eased our nerves a bit from the process, and like Robert said, Mario did helped us navigate even when we had to change lenders.

Advice for someone looking for a Realtor?

Robert: I think the best advice is find somebody you can trust. There is obviously a lot of Realtors out there, but we’ve known Mario for a while so there was that trust. He always helped us, he was always available for us no matter what time. Sometimes we were even a little obnoxious with him.  We would text him at night and he always responded.  He was constantly on the ball.

Ivonne: I think the importance of keeping communications with perspective buyers considering this process is not just a one day to the next type of thing. Our process, from what Mario told us, was not very long.  But he has seen in this type of market, form time to time, that it can take long.

How happy are you with the service?

Robert: We’re super happy.  This is really…a dream home for us.  We had a certain budget we laid out and we were expecting to get a lot less.  We love the neighborhood, so overall it was great.  I mean, it was nerve wrecking at first.  Going through the whole process, or two whole months towards purchasing a home, but once we moved in it was all worth it.

Ivonne: I think that one of the things that I really loved is that we were looking at different townhouses in our price range.  And one thing that I loved is that as soon as our house came into the market, we got to see it that very first day.  So I think that’s another plus that Mario got us.  It was something that we weren’t expecting.  We were expecting to get either an attached home, or a townhouse, at worst case scenario an apartment or a condo.   But when we saw this house, he foresaw that this is something it would fit both of us.  And I think it was a home-run for everybody involved.

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