Meet Clients George Guerra and Lena Dyring

My name is George Guerra and I live in South Miami.  I grew up in Miami pretty much my whole life, but have also lived in Europe for a little while, and that’s where I met Lena.

Lena: My name is Lena, I’m married to Jorge.  I’ve lived here in Miami for 10 years and I’m originally from Norway.

What challenges did Mario help overcome?

George: We had a ton of challenges in finding a property.  First of all, we were working with someone else (another agent) before talking to Mario, and I think we really regret that.  We should have spoken to him from the beginning for we were looking at many homes, but didn’t seem like we were getting any action.  Somehow, there was mis-communication between the other Realtor and us.  Things were not moving along and it was very frustrating.  We were taking a lot of time from our work, and personal time too.  We felt we wasted a ton of Saturdays running around.  And we did see some great properties, but it just seemed like this other Realtor wasn’t making things happen.

Lena: No, it didn’t really go anywhere (with the other agent).  I think once we talked to Mario, it all started happening much faster.  He was aggressive, and on the ball in terms of going out there and getting us what we were looking for.  Things started happening.

What impressed you about Mario?

George: One of things that impressed me about Mario was when we first met.  He came into our home, where we were renting, and he was very professional.  He interviewed us and really set the expectations for the relationship.  So I was really impressed with that. I was also impressed on how methodical he is.  He just didn’t waste any time, which is so critical considering how competitive the market was.  I also think Mario is a natural deal maker.  I think many Realtors out there maybe good at putting together a nice brochure, or they’re good at sending people listings, etc.  But I think in today’s market, in our current climate, I think you really need someone who can make the deal happen.  That’s a much more important skill.

Advice to someone looking for a Realtor?

Lena: I think you are to find someone that you have good rapport with, and that you can communicate freely.  Someone you can say to anything you want.  Trust that person.

George: That’s another thing with Mario, I can trust him 100%.  We actually did a quick transaction.  We closed on our house in 3 weeks which is extremely fast. Beyond my expectations. He was doing things as they needed to be done.  I don’t know what kind of master project management system he’s got going on in the background, but he was joggling all these little tasks.  And he was doing it so well, he wasted no time.  I think had he wasted time, we probably wouldn’t have gotten this home.  You really need to find somebody who is efficient, trustworthy, and a good negotiator.  I think Mario captures all those things.

How happy are you with the service?

Lena: Very happy.  If we’re ever in the market again, we definitely know where to go.

George: He just makes it happen, and that’s what it’s all about. You just need somebody who can make the deal work. I am extremely happy.  I love the home that were in.  We have great access to wonderful schools in our neighborhood. We’ve got great parks. Not only did we really find a gem, he really went above and beyond to compete with all the other 20+ people that were after this same house.  We were very fortunate to get it…so…thank you Mario!

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