Client Testimonial By Will Jones and Jackie Gutierrez-Jones

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Will Jones: “Realty is one of those services that you usually hear about through a friend or family member and you’ll just go with one of those options. I’m writing this review for you so that you can throw out all those suggestions on the ground and just go with these guys. 😉

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After several successful and pleasant experiences my mom-in-law had with Mario at K&A landing her a renter for her property and also my bro-in-law finding renters for his place I decided that Mario would be the best choice (see, every realty suggestion starts with mom). Before contracting Mario to help me find my new house I had hit up several realtors who quickly dismissed us and made us feel like crap and almost immediately stopped taking our calls and emails because we were working with a modest budget and weren’t in a hurry to buy – we just wanted to find the right place.

Mario and K&A aren’t just in it for the big fish and huge commissions, they legitimately want to help you find a home, rent/lease your place, or get that mortgage off your back. Mario was patient, professional and ALWAYS had my best interest in mind. For ANY realty needs, I’m ALWAYS going to call him back because he deserves all my business and yours.

Sorry this review isn’t as colorful and animated as my reviews usually are, I wanted to make it simple and clear, K&A Realty is really the way to go.”

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