Face To Face Interview When You’re Not In Town


Want to sell your home, but you are not in Miami?

And you want to interview us….face to face? No problem!

We can contact you via join.me which allows live video communication regardless of where in the world you may be. It also enables you to view our presentation on our computer…live!…so we can better explain home comparable-data to determine the value of your home and our services.

Not a techie? Please, don’t freak out. We can always do our presentation over the phone at your request.  But you must know that this process is so simple…it’s ridiculous.  Start the below video at about the 55th second (which talks about your part…the participant).


Considering we are competing for your business, the above is an easier and practical way for us to communicate should we not be able to physically meet.  And by the way, this convenience is at no cost to you.

Ready to sell? Contact us.  On the fence? Let us tell you an unbiased opinion of the value of your home.  No compromise nor commitment.

Am telling you. It’s ridiculously simple!


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