“Your Service Is Very Professional And Caring”

marlene dennis and carlos dennis

Marlene: “My experience was great, you helped me so much especially dealing with the tenants which was my biggest challenge. Your service is very professional and caring.”

We helped Marlene and Carlos Dennis sell their investment property near Miami International Airport. Several tenants occupied the property that had been residents for more than 3 years. They were excellent tenants and she did not want to deal with the heart-ache of moving them out of the property in order to sell.

5 Must Do Tenant Screening Tips

This is where we stepped in.  We managed the tenants with complete professionalism.  Keeping in mind that we needed the tenants to:

  • Continue to pay their lease
  • Leave property in good standing
  • Avoid added stress to the owner

Thanks to their cooperation and our efforts, the property was vacated on time and in good condition. Tenants paid their lease up until the last day they occupied the property and ultimately, the home was sold as scheduled.


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