Results or Lack Thereof: You Gotta Know Why

Three months, zero buyers?

I recently spoke with someone who had their property listed for three months and has had zero buyers see their property. I could not believe it when I heard it. I was in disbelief because we are in a sellers’ market. There are many buyers out there searching for their ideal home. Therefore, if a home is not getting any showing requests within a month, then there is something up.

The person I spoke with found me online and wanted to get a second opinion. Since they were still working with the real estate agent, it was a bit of a touchy subject. This person had a contract in place with their agent.

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My point is, in real estate, things can move quickly. Other times, they may not. Therefore, no matter what direction it is heading in, you need to be aware of the causes. Not only that, you need to know why certain things are or are not happening. And have a clear understanding on those reasons. If you feel like you are not getting clear answers, it may be time to move on.

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