Toy Drive to benefit Puerto Rico’s victims

Coastland Construction Toy drive

Big shout out to Coastland Construction for putting together the toy drive for Puerto Rico! I was very happy to be part of trying to make a difference after the devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico. I hope our contributions brings many smiles to many kids come Christmas time!

Puerto Rico was hit with one of the most violent hurricanes to have emerged in 2017. As a result, the island suffered a lot of damage throughout. It became unrecognizable from the beautiful enchanting island it was. Not only that, but its’ people suffered the most. The people had to endure no power for months and limited resources.

Long story short, it was a very unfortunate event that caused a whole island to a halt. Fortunately, aide came as soon as it could, considering the obstacles to get there. Thankfully, we have a lot of people who care, and organization got together to help restore the Island. At this point, anything counted. From the smallest donations to the huge contributions that were made. Every cent counted to benefit in helping the island rise to their feet.

Therefore, when I was asked to participate in this toy drive, I immediately said yes! Not only did the people need resources such as food, water, and shelter, but the kids also needed something to look forward too. And what better way than a toy to brighten their day and take their mind off their surroundings for a bit.

As can be seen by the pictures above, we collected many toys that will make many kids smile. Again, thank you, coastland construction for inviting me to participate in such a moving cause.

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