“Take the Offer or Leave It”. Here’s How to Handle “Bully” Buyers

Counter back!

How to make more money when someone makes you an offer and tells you that this is it, they’re not going to pay a single penny over that? You counter them back anyway!

Many times, I’ve been in a situation when a buyer tells me, (when representing the seller) “You know what, Mario? We are not going to offer a single penny over this offer amount. Your client either has to take it or leave it!”.

So, I go to the seller and I don’t tell them that this is a buyer’s highest offer. That’s not going to do any good. I tell the seller, “Hey, you know what? Let’s just counter back, and let’s see where this ends up.” So I go back to the buyer and I present the counter offer.

Now, the buyer is most likely going to complain, whine and even bitch. But you know what’s also going to happen?

Most likely, they’re going to go up in price. You know why? Because this process of negotiating has very little to do with what people say and it’s more about controlling your emotions. As long as you can control your emotions during this process, you’re going to win.

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