Gunpoint robbery at an open house? Yes…it happened!

Armed robbery at an open house?!

A real estate agent at an open house in San Francisco, California, was held up at gunpoint and robbed. How scary is that? By the way, this occurrence is very uncommon. You can further read about the story here. So, this got me thinking…

Are you protective of your home?

Silly question to ask. Most people if not everyone is protective of their home. Many homeowners pay thousands a year to protect their home. From owning an armed weapon to 24- hour surveillance and alarm system. As a result, we maintain our privacy top priority by making it difficult for people to enter our homes unannounced.

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Everyone welcomed to my house!

When a homeowner puts their property up for sale, any qualified buyer is welcomed to enter their home (with an appointment of course). Furthermore, in an open house, anyone is welcomed to the home. We get the nosy neighbors checking it out and people who are in the neighborhood and are curious but with no intention to buy checking it out.

In short, I found it interesting how we are so protective of our homes until it is time to sell. Perception right?

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