Full price offer? Avoid this brutal mistake

Had my client’s home listed for sale and about three weeks into it, we get a full price offer. Awesome, right?

I must have gotten the offer on a Tuesday. That same day, I must have also scheduled like 3 or 4 other appointments for the weekend. Given the full price offer, my clients phone me and say; “I guess we can cancel the weekend appointments, right?”

My response was; “eh…no”.

You never stop showing a property listed for sale until you have an executed contract. Meaning, until all parties sign off on it.

I instructed my clients to sign the contract. But no matter how good an offer may be, there will always be few subtle changes. For example, changing the closing date to accommodate the seller’s exit from the house, etc.

And so, we returned the contract back to the buyers with one or two minor changes on the same day.

Wednesday comes around, and buyers have yet to return the contract initialing the few changes. In my mind it’s all good since it usually takes 24-48 hours to get it back, depending on the party’s schedule.

Thursday morning comes around and nothing yet. I phone the buyer’s agent and what happened next sucked, but not really.

The agent proceeds to tell me that from the time they got the contract back from us till last night, the buyers found another home they fell in love with. And have decided to pursue that one instead.

I phone my clients, the sellers, and relay the message. They were bummed, but glad we did not cancel the other appointments.

Full Price Offer!

All in all, everything turned out fine for as the weekend came around, we received another full price offer from one of the Tuesday buyers.

Thank God we did not make the mistake of cancelling those appointments!

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