#1 location the average home seller moves to; from Miami

Wondering what’s the number #1 location the average home seller moves to when they sell their property in Miami?

You’re going to be very surprised by the answer.

And I say this because in my experience, when I help people sell their homes, most people move to states right above ours. Southeastern states like North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, etc. But according to Realtor.com, the number one place homeowners move to from Miami is Jacksonville Florida.

Yup. Jacksonville Florida.

Our very good neighbors here in our own state. A five or six hour drive away.

Realtor.com further stipulated that the top two reasons why a lot of people are moving there is for jobs and cost of living. So there you have it. In terms of cost of living, I can definitely vouch for that. I went to Jacksonville like 10 years ago as a tourist and to look at real estate. And I remember that prices were anywhere between a third to a half of the prices here in Miami. Awesome!

And although Jacksonville is not as big of a city as Miami, it certainly has a lot to offer…without the traffic…from what I remember.

I sometimes think where would I move to if the opportunity ever came up to move from Miami? And I always come up with the same answer. California. More specifically, places like San Francisco or San Diego. I can’t think of any other place that resembles Miami in terms of the weather, the people, the places. The only thing we lack are the mountains, but all of these other features make California great in my opinion.

Where would you move to if you ever move out of Miami? Post your answer in the comments section!

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