How good is our real estate advertising? It’s on steroids

Real estate advertising and marketing are one of two essential components (the second one being price) towards finding the highest paying buyer for your property. And especially in Miami, depending on the location of your property, there is a 10% to 50% chance your house will be purchased or rented by someone that does not live in the United States.

So where do we advertise?

Given the above fact, we market our properties in 110 countries, nineteen languages, and in over 500+ leading real estate websites such as Zillow, Trulia, and

What are the other websites? & Kazork/LinkShare GoogleMaps

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What countries do we target?

Algeria, England, Lithuania, Saint Vincent & The Grenadines, Andorra, Finland, Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia, Antigua and Barbuda, France, Malaysia, Senegal, Argentina, French, Polynesia, Singapore, Armenia, Gabon, Mauritius, Slovakia, Australia, Georgia, Mexico, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Monaco, South Africa, Bahamas, Ghana, Morocco, Spain, Barbados, Gibraltar, Nepal, Sweden, Belarus, Greece, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Grenada, Netherlands, Antilles, Taiwan, Belize, Guam, New Zealand, Thailand, Bermuda, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Tunisia, Brazil, Honduras, Nigeria, Turkey, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Norway, Turks & Caicos, Cambodia, Hungary, Pakistan, Ukraine, Canada, Iceland, Panama, United Arab Emirates, Cayman Islands, India, Paraguay, United Kingdom, China, Indonesia, Peru, United Republic of Tanzania, Colombia, Ireland, Philippines, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Israel, Poland, United States, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, Uzbekistan, Cyprus, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Czech Republic, Japan, Qatar, Viet Nam, Denmark, Jersey, Republic of Korea, British Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Jordan, Romania, Wales, Ecuador, Korea, Russia, Egypt, Latvia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, El Salvador, Lebanon, and Saint Lucia.

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