Simultaneous Closings Done Right!

Homeowner: “I need to sell my home in East Kendall to buy a home! At the same time!”

Our team: “Challenge accepted.”

First of all, one closing transaction, either buying or selling a home, can come with a lot of obstacles and potential delays. Can you imagine depending on a second transaction to complete the other? All within a tight time frame?

Certainly, it was not easy, but it was not impossible either. Aggressive marketing strategies and multiple open houses later, we found the right buyer. Once we passed the initial hurdles of inspections, we found our client the perfect home to buy near The Falls area. Quickly went under contract and in full throttle with the process.

In addition to finding the right buyer and home, there were a lot of negotiations done. Our goal was to ensure all time frames were in line with both transactions. Any slight delay in either deal would call for a re-negotiation on all terms from both deals. Therefore, instead of having one party to agree to new terms, we required both parties to accept.

Successful Simultaneous closings!

Well, we managed to handle both transactions to go as smooth as possible and on time! My client successfully sold their home and bought their new place without being homeless at any point in time!

Furthermore, our client did not have to incur hotel expenses and storage fees or stay at any one’s home. From sold home straight to a new home. Just like that.

Find yourself in need to sell and buy simultaneously? Do not hesitate to contact us!

You may find this property’s details HERE!

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