Empty Nester Problems: House Too Big!

Empty Nester

Sellers were becoming empty nesters. Their youngest daughter was moving out to college in the fall. Therefore, they did not need such a big house anymore. Their home, located at Leewood in Kendall, was a four-bedroom, two bathrooms with a pool and huge yard. This home would then bring unnecessary expenses for just two people. Also, Kendall and Miami as a whole were becoming too much for them.

#1 location the average home seller moves to; from Miami

They wanted to move up north to a much quieter area. But, in order to do so, they needed to first sell their current home. They had already been shopping for a home to buy and had found one they really liked. The problem was, they needed to act fast to not miss out on the opportunity. So, we got their home up and running for sale in no time!


We marketed the property through social media, real estate websites around the world, and hosted open houses. As a result, we got it under contract in two months. By doing so, our clients were able to move forward with their purchasing contract. Not only did we get them under contract in two months, but we also managed a quick closing. We closed the property in a month!

In addition to my clients needing to close on their current home to buy the second, they also needed time to transition from one house to another after closing. No problem! We successfully negotiated a post-occupancy agreement for our clients to stay after closing. This gave them the chance to move out and make their transition to their new home in another city as smooth as possible.

Thinking of making a simultaneous move? Sell your property and buy a home so you only have to move once? We’ve been there and done it! Countless owners have trusted us with such gigantic responsibility. And so can you. Click here to contact us or call (305) 305-1535!

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