If These 3 Situations Apply to You, Consider Downsizing

If the following applies to you, then it may be worth downsizing:

  1. Paying high pool maintenance bills when you no longer use it.
  2. Paying expensive landscaping bills for a yard or garden you rarely enjoy anymore.
  3. Spending over $500 in utility bills when half the rooms are not even used or used as storage.

Not a matter of affordability

I had the pleasure of helping a client in this situation- he was in doubt whether he wanted to continue taking on these unnecessary expenses on his home.

First of all, this did not have anything to do with affordability. My client is a well-off businessman and he could very well afford the expenses. But the issue at hand was, whether it was worth it?

Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. If I did not have to spend money on unnecessary maintenance bills, how would I use it to benefit me?
  2. How can it further improve my quality of life?

I helped my client downsize from one acre, six-bedroom home to less than half an acre, three-bedroom home. As a result, his home bills decreased by more than half!

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With the extra cash, he started to travel more. Visited his out of the country family more. He also invested the extra money into increasing his employees’ salaries (pay it forward!).

How we can help

If this situation hits home (literally) then we can help you achieve the same results. Even if you’re only curious about how downsizing can benefit you, we can help provide you with the right information for you to determine your best choice.

We can provide you with:

  • A free home evaluation to determine the true value and know what you are dealing with.
  • Real estate Market update to know what is out there in relation to your current home and/or the home you would like to downsize to.

Take the next step and contact us via the link below!

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