What to Do If You Hired a Friend or Family Member, and They Suck?

My Friend/ Family is in the business…

At least once a month I get a phone call in which I’m told β€œI would hire you in a heartbeat, but my friend (aunt, cousin, brother, etc.) is a real estate agent and I told him I would go with him to sell my home”.

And of course, due to the relationship, you kind of have an obligation to hire them. Reasons being you do not want to hurt their feelings or hinder the relationship. Moreover, you want to give them a shot at it, and as a great friend or family member that you are, you are willing to work with them.

Lack of good service will not just cost you money

All is good until you realize they are not delivering the standard of service you need or expected. In other words, their service sucks.

Unfortunately, their lack of service not only can cost you money but quality time. We are talking about money but not really. If you need a service like selling your home, you most likely have a mortgage. If you have a mortgage, you need to make monthly payments. And to make monthly payments, you need a job.  In the end, it is you who is sacrificing your money and time by giving your friend or family member a chance, and they are not delivering. Time is too precious.

How to tell them it is not working out?

If you are in a situation where you are forced to work with them, then these are my two suggestions:

  • First, tell them you will continue to remain loyal to their service. Make it clear that since you value your relationship with them, you want to give them a shot at working with you.
  • Second, be honest. Inform them that they are not delivering results or on the level of service you are expecting. Constructive criticism is key and if they are professional about it, they will appreciate it. As a result, they will either up their game or if it is still out of their expertise level, refer you to someone who can deliver. A good friend or family member in return will also want the best for you. jko

In the end, every scenario is different, some people may be more sensitive than others, but it all comes down to honesty. If you are clear from the beginning and honest throughout the process, the relationship should not be hindered, and the results should be beneficial! jkn

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