How We Helped Homeowners From Out of State Sell Their Kendall Home

These homeowners were offered a great job opportunity in California, but the job acceptance required them to move quickly with no time to sell their home in Kendall. Trying to sell their property from the west coast, they faced many hurdles. The main obstacle was an open permit on their pool.

4611 SW 154 PL Kendall FL $390,000

Miami-Dade County Is Infamous for Open Permits

Many homes in Miami-Dade County have open or expired permits. Most date back to 1992-1993 and post Hurricane Andrew. Because of the excessive amount of reconstruction at the time, many contractors failed to close out permits. As a result, many homeowners today still have to deal with closing out decades-old open permits in order to sell their homes.

This can be overwhelming, especially if you’re under a tight deadline to sell. Your best bet is to hire an experienced professional whose specializes in closing out permits. They know people in the county office, and often don’t have to jump through hoops, which helps expedite the process.

Open Permits = Skittish Buyers

Prior to working with us, the sellers found a buyer for their Kendall home through a less experienced real estate brokerage firm. The property was under contract, but unfortunately, a lien search revealed the open permits. By the time the brokerage firm representing the sellers figured out how to close out those permits, it was too late. The buyers backed out and the home languished on the market for almost a year until the sellers listing agreement with their previous broker ended.

Frustrated at the outcome of it all, the sellers searched for another brokerage firm. That is when they hired us. We quickly listed the property and got to work.

Here’s How We Sold the Property

  • We immediately researched the open permit situation. It showed they were in the process of closing it out.
  • We listed the home for sale in less than a week.
  • We arranged maintenance and scheduled security check-ups on the vacant home.
  • We maintained constant communication with the out-of-town homeowners on market trends and the progress of the sale.
  • We marketed the home by targeting small growing families on all real estate websites and multiple social media platforms. 

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A Swift Response Removes Obstacles

We secured a buyer and got the Kendall home under contract. However, the lien search came in still showing an open permit even though we had already resolved the issue. We immediately contacted the building department and discovered a system error on their end. They were able to correct the issue within 24 hours. 

Mission Accomplished!

We closed on the property 18 days ahead of schedule!

Although our sellers were in California, the closing went smoothly. All closing documents were emailed to them on a Friday. They signed and notarized the closing documents that Saturday and mailed them off for a Monday morning closing.

Does Your Property Have Open or Expired Permits?

We can help you find out at no obligation. Just contact us to request the information. In the event that there are open permits, we can facilitate a quick and efficient resolution to the situation.

Due to the number of open permits in Miami-Dade, buyers require all permits to be closed at the time of closing. If you plan to sell, knowing ahead of time will save you a lot of headaches!

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