Increasing Your Home Value: It’s About the Buyer

Increasing your home value. It’s not about you. It’s about the buyer. Keep the focus in this order, and you are on your way to maximizing profits. Loose sight, and you’ll end up doing additional fix-ups and wasting money.

Increasing your home value: Focus on buyer feedback

Chances are you want to fix this and update that. Non-sense. The chances of finding a buyer with your taste are slim to none. If the flaw with your home is not detrimental (there is a waterfall coming thru the roof), don’t fix it. Put the house on the market and see what people’s opinion are if any.

If buyers complaint about the same thing, you do something. You either adjust the price to reflect the problem or fix it. This will save you time and money. You will also make the buyer happy for not picking “granite counter tops” of your taste.

You will need to welcome constructive criticism of your home. Some feedback may not be pleasant. Some may be great. The whole point of this is to help you spend less money on fixing things, save you time, and sell the property quickly and profitably.

Increasing your home value: Perfection is the enemy

The only reason why you notice so many flaws in your home is because you see them every single day. Keep in mind that buyers will only look at your property for several minutes. And only detect a fraction of what you may perceive as a flaw.

Increasing your home value: Focus on aesthetics

Most profitable projects in a home are the ones that require the least amount of money and make the property look best. So focus on projects like interior and exterior paint jobs. Clean up and manicure the landscaping. De-clutter (tip: if you have not seen an item, missed it, or used it in the last three months, throw it away). Deep cleaning; no need to elaborate here.

Increasing your home value: Get expert advise

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