Job Relocation: How We Helped These Homeowners Sell Fast and On Price

Job Relocation Is No Easy Job when You’re a Homeowner

Our clients got offered a great new job too good to turn down but it required them to move. Job relocation is no easy task when you have the pressure of selling your home fast. You may think that to do so, you need to sell it under market value. That is not the case! We helped these homeowners in the same dilemma sell their home fast and on the right price!

How We Helped Raise Property Value and Prep For a Fast Sale

In preparation to put the home for sale, we suggested the following items be done to help raise their property value to maximize their profits and get their home ready for a fast sale:

  • Pressure wash the roof. The roof was in good conditions but it did not show it. The roof is a big factor for buyers and first impressions counts. Pressure washing the roof made a big difference!
  • Organize home. We check out the home before the professional photography appointment to make sure all looks picture perfect! Most often, all it takes is a quick tidy up of the home.
  • Landscaping. We suggested trimming of the shrubs in front of the home and adding new red mulch to help the landscaping colors pop!

What We Did to Sell This Property

  • Market analysis to determine the current market value of the home
  • Price the home at a competitive price while still being able to maximize on the sale
  • Professional photography and video
  • Blast advertising including Facebook Ads targeting potential buyers
  • Weekly updates to the sellers on the progress of the sale (so they can focus on their job relocation while we take care of the rest!)

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Found a buyer in less than 2 months!

Job Relocation And Need to Sell Fast Without Losing Money On the Sale?

We can help sell your home while you go through your job relocation process, stress-free! With over 16 years of experience, we will guide you through your options, step by step. With our expert market knowledge, we are confident to maximize your profits for a successful fast sale.

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