Moving Out of Miami to Be Closer to Family

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Thinking of moving out of Miami because it no longer feels like home?

Moving out of Miami has become a trending topic of discussion. With its hectic lifestyle and increasing cost of living, no wonder so many people want to move away. More so, when you have no family in Miami to enjoy and rely on.

Our client had made her life in Miami, raised her kids and was in the process of retiring. Her family lives in Texas and she was becoming nostalgic as she found her self feeling alone at her Kendall home.

She finally made the decision that moving out of Miami and closer to her family was the right thing to do. The next step, sell her home! And we had the great opportunity to help guide her through the process.

How we helped the seller price their home… on their terms

Pricing the home above market value

The seller was in no rush to sell so we priced the home slightly over market value to test the market. We do not advise sellers to price too high over market value because that would leave the home on the market for over six months. This does not look good for the home and it tends to scare buyers away.

How long it will take to sell?

We informed the seller that since we agreed to price the home slightly over market value, this meant the home would most probably be on the market between 3 to 5 months. This time frame benefited our client as it would give her enough time to prep moving out of Miami.

What if appraisal value comes in below asking price?

We also informed the seller on the appraisal value of the home and how it could come in below the asking price. If this were the case, then a decision would have to be made by both buyer and seller to agree on a set price based on the appraisal value.

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What we did to sell this property

  • Market analysis to determine the current market value of the home
  • Professional photography and video
  • Blast advertising including Facebook Ads targeting potential buyers
  • Weekly updates to the seller on the progress of the sale


Smooth closing at appraised value with enough time for the seller to move out of Miami and be closer to family!

Thinking of moving out of Miami and need help selling your home?

We can help! We can provide you with the same level of service and guidance we offered our client to sell her home as smooth as possible. With over 16 years in experience, we are confident to get the job done!

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