Selling Your Home During COVID-19 Pandemic

Taking all the safety precautions necessary when showing your home

Despite this pandemic, we are still in business and taking all the safety precaution to ensure the health of our sellers and buyers.

Here are a few tips when showing your home during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Prepare your home before the showings. Make sure all the doors (bedroom doors, closet doors, bathroom doors, sliding doors, etc) are open and all the lights are ON so there is no need for the buyers to touch anything ( as the realtor, we also tell the buyers not to touch anything!).
  • Sellers and family members inside the home to step out during the showings. I ask my seller clients, to go take a walk around the block while we show the home. Once done and home is clear, I let them know to return.
  • Limit the number of people going inside the home. Typically a family of 4 or more come to see the home at a time. Now, we ask only 1-3 people can enter the home at a time.
  • Removing shoes before entering the home. We require everyone entering the home to remove their shoes, no exceptions!

Once the showings are complete, we highly suggest sellers to quickly disinfect the home just in case.

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