Political Elections Having No Impact On September Sales

With political elections around the corner, you may be wondering what impact they may have on the real estate market. And the short answer is none. Based on September 2020 data vs September 2019, the median price for single-family homes skyrocketed 15%, and 8% for townhomes and condos…as inventory continues to dwindle. It’s a vicious sellers market with no end in sight.

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Let me start by saying that I was a bit of a nightmare of a seller, I was constantly out of town, therefore terrbily unresponsiveness, and frequently in a bad mood... yet, Mario was still able to sell and close within a month. He dealt with h a hostile tenant and the was ready to close on a conventional loan several days before closing date. Mario my apologies for by being such a pain, and my thanks for being such a class act.


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