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Curious about a neighborhood or serious about buying?  If so…please review below questions in order to help us help you find the perfect home.

  1. Please describe the property you are looking for?
  2. What type of property do you want (condo, townhouse or single family home)?
  3. In ready to move in condition or minor repairs OK?
  4. Location?
  5. One or two stories?
  6. What is especial to you about this location?
  7. Minimum beds / baths?
  8. Home size / lot size?
  9. Pool?
  10. Garage spaces?
  11. Sewer type?
  12. Amenities?
  13. Home owner’s association? Amount?
  14. Type of Access (gated, security guard, etc)?
  15. How long have you been looking for?
  16. Are you buying cash or financing?
  17. The cash you have, is it yours and under your name?
  18. The cash you have, is it liquid?
  19. If financing, who is your lender?
  20. What type of program did you qualify for?
  21. How much did you qualify for?
  22. What is your overall budget?
  23. What is your down payment?
  24. Do you have readily available cash for down payment and closing costs?
  25. Will you need seller contribution?
  26. What is the maximum monthly payment you would like?
  27. How soon would you like to move in?
  28. Are you buying as an investment or to live in?
  29. Are you a current home owner? If yes, what do you plan to do with your current home?
  30. Who are the decision makers involved in the purchase process?
  31. What days and times are you available to see properties?
  32. Are you committed to any real estate agent?

OK.  Are you ready? Then simply contact us, and lets get started right away!

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