Estate Planning: Why You Need One Now

Interview with Estate Planning and Probate Attorney, Debbie Lowe

Debbie Lowe has a Masters in Estate Planning from the University of Miami. In this interview, Debbie Lowe answers the most important questions when it comes to protecting your loved ones after you die.

There are many misconceptions about estate planning and when it should be done. Many believe it should be done when you retire or if you own many properties. This is incorrect. Estate planning starts now!

Interview Questions

  • What is the estate planning process? Minute mark: 0:55
  • What is probate and its’ process? Minute mark: 1:55
  • The 3 different types of ownership. Minute mark: 3:55
  • The most common ownership among married couples. Minute mark: 6:40
  • How to protect your children when you pass away? Minute mark: 7:22

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  • You have children and remarry. How to ensure your children also have control of the estates? Minute mark: 9:10
  • Who keeps the primary home as per Homestead law in Florida? Minute mark: 10:45
  • Why you need estate planning now! Minute mark: 12:45
  • What if you only own one property? Minute mark: 14:35
  • How can you contact Attorney Debbie Lowe? Minute mark: 16:00

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