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15 to 20 minutes of your time.  That is all we will need to answer the three questions you care for (don’t care to read just get me my home value).

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1. What is the value of your home?

Well…this is pretty straight forward. And perhaps you’d say that you can phone any agent in Miami to get the answer. And we agree. But not everyone will be as precise or as direct with you about it.

Price can be a sensitive issue especially when sellers have poured their hearts and soul into upgrades at an expense beyond what other similar homes may or may not be selling for in the area.

We are empathetic, but direct. My goal is to find you the highest paying buyer for your home…keeping in mind that the price is what it is…and we have no control over it. My philosophy is that…its better to be honest and upset you off than bend the truth about the price to make you happy and get the listing.

And believe it or not 90% of real estate agents will not, or cannot, be direct with you just to get the listing.


Our Formula For Your Success

2. How long will it take to sell?

Among the cream of the crop, this is what separates “A” class and “B” class real estate agents. Why? Price trends are a lot smoother over a period of time given sample areas or a neighborhood. This helps pricing a property less complicated than determining when your property will sell.

Days on market or DOM is the acronym used to describe this figure (the number of days from the moment your home enters the market until sold). DOM is a lot more volatile, so in my opinion, it takes a higher degree of analytic skills to project DOM.

And this is critical considering the chain of events that is expected to take place upon sale of the property such as registering the kids in their new schools, etc.

3. What Are We Going To Do To Sell It?

What are we not? Short of physically dragging buyers into your home, we do it. But we will not bore your with more rhetoric. Enough.


Our services are 100% guaranteed with an easy-cancellation agreement. Simply put…if you are unhappy with our level of execution, you cancel our contract. We offer this “protection clause” due to our level of confidence in our ability to deliver!

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