How to Prep a Home for Showings

Preparing a home for showings increases its chances of being sold quicker and at the right price. Here are a few guidelines to help you in preparing and presenting your home.

  • Clean: please have property clean to allow the property’s features to stand out.
  • Organized:  Avoid having household objects and/or clothes and jewelry lying around or visible on furniture.
  • De-clutter: the less is better. Allow for easy walking access and room visibility so buyers may have a clear view of the whole room they are in.
  • Lights: allow plenty of natural light to enter the home by opening blinds and/or shades or turn on room lights to increase light for better viewing.
  • Pets: please have any pets safely secured from running around while a showing is being conducted.

If you have any questions please call us and let us know.

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