Our Team

We are a team of three – Rocio, Gia and Mario. (check out our reviews!)

Mario Avalos, Real Estate Agent.

Long story short, I help people sell or buy awesome real estate. And I also help landlords find great tenants too!

Prior to real estate, I was a Business Analyst at Cordis, a Johnson & Johnson Company; and Finance Analyst at Answerthink Inc. I have a Bachelor’s Degree  from Florida International University, and an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from Miami Dade College.  I was Born in Lima Peru, Miami resident since age 7, and married with 3 amazing children. Go Miami Dolphins! Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Juanes rock! Check out my career and connect with me on  LinkedIn or send me a friend-request on Facebook

Rocio Casales, Operations Manager.

I work along with Mario to ensure all client matters are handled when they hire us to sell or buy real estate.

I was born and raised in Miami, FL. My parents are from Peru and Cuba. I graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and International Business. I have been working for the real estate business for over 5 years. I enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and a variety of sports (soccer fan!). To relax, I enjoy watching movies or reading a novel.

Gianinna Mogartoff, Rental Property Manager.

When a landlord hires us to find tenants, my job is to manage the property and its tenants on behalf of the landlord.

Prior to property management, I was a massage therapist in some of the best known hotels in Miami such as the JW Marriott. I Went to Miami Dade College for my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. I was born in Lima, Peru and have lived in Miami for over 20+ years. I love working out, making art on my spare time, and eating…specially desserts!

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  1. Hi Mario,

    We talked just a bit earlier about a property my family owns here in kendall. I was wondering if you could send me a sample lease agreement and if we can start a conversation on some of the leasing and buying/selling details for this home.

    Ill be looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you,

    Andrew Nicholas Mason

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