Snowbirds From Canada! Buying in South Florida is Easier Than You Think

It was a pleasure meeting with my colleague, Olena Feoktistova. Olena is a real estate agent in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She came down to Miami to enjoy our nice warm weather.

In addition, she also checked out some properties so she can use during the very cold winters Canada is known for. Olena asked me if she could interview mee to provide insight to her Canadian clients on how we facilitate buying a home in South Florida.

We Work Internationally

It’s no secret south-east Florida is a major hub for international buyers and foreign investors. We market our properties in 110 countries, nineteen languages, and in over 500+ leading real estate websites. Therefore, we have experience working with international buyers and facilitating their real estate purchases.

Top 3 things international buyers look for in a property

1. Close to the water

Most international buyers are looking to live near the water and enjoy our most famously known beaches. As a result, our winter- which temperature averages in the high 60’s to high 70’s- brings in snowbirds from Canada and northern U.S states to enjoy our warm climate. In addition, our beautiful water views are a top selling point. No doubt this is on their top priority.

2. Close to entertainment

Not only do they look to be close to the water but also near all the entertainment this beautiful city provides. From restaurants to shopping centers within walking distance. This is a must to feel like you are living where others vacation!

3. Rental restrictions

Lastly, a very important question before buying is: what are the rental restrictions? Most international buyers are looking to stay seasonally. As a result, the property will be vacant during other seasons. Your best option is to rent it out. Many associations will have rental restrictions that may not allow seasonal rentals or any rentals at all. Try to avoid these in case you want to rent your place seasonally to get the addition income while you’re away. Can’t go wrong with some extra cash!

Best time to buy in South Florida

Best time to buy is during the holiday seasons. This starts around November with the thanksgiving holiday and ends about mid to the end of January when everyone is settling back. During this time, there is less buyer competition because everyone is taking care of their holiday festivities. Consequently, with less buyer competition, you get a better deal.

Easier than you think to buy in South Florida

Many believe that because they are not a U.S citizen the process of buying property is difficult. On the contrary, if you can chew gum and walk, then you can buy real estate here. For example, due to the good relationship between Canada and the U.S, buying real estate is relatively easy. If you have the money to buy and are in good standing, then it is like a U.S citizen buying real estate.

If you are an international buyer interested in buying in south Florida, please feel free to contact me! I can guide you through the steps required to purchase real estate so you can make the right decision.

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