Prices Up. Show Me The Money!

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A combination of almost no available inventory due to sellers holding on to the fence and foreclosed homes not hitting the market at expected rates is creating a nice upward price-ride for home sellers. Price a property 5% to 10% above fair market value based on sold comparable during last 6 months and it will sell. Obviously, choosing the comps are key to determining the correct floor to set the price. So…if there no inventory, buyers are getting loans and have the cash to close them…where’s the bump in the road?  Appraisals.

Appraisals continue to be the itch in a healing wound. If they was only a science to calculating price across the board, life would rock. But it’s not a science. Unfortunately its an art. Yes…Zillow is good at getting close to giving an idea of what is a house is worth, but not great. Mind you…I am a fan of them. But this is not about Zillow or the appraisers. This is about an industry that is picking up at a pace no one ever saw coming.

Critics. Say what you want. This is a phase. This is temporary. Who cares. Even if it is. Its a step int the right direction. Its positive news. And we will take it any day of the week. Based on numbers, I don’t think this is temporary. At least not in Miami Dade County considering that at this point in time there is only a 4-month supply of inventory across single family homes, townhouses and condos. Yes. Condos. I know. I can’t believe it either. Don’t believe me? Put you property for sale at the right price (just for cracks and giggles), and you will see offers (plural) lining out the door. And that goes for ugly homes too.

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