3 Reasons To Live In Kendall

movie theater in kendallONE – The People: Let me say something up front. I love Miami. I grew up here and I have lived here all my life. I have been blessed to travel to many places around the globe and still choose to come back to Miami…because of the reasons to live here.

The water, the city, the food…it all rocks. However…the people…that is where it gets complicated. Here is my formula. 33% of Miami’s people are really nice. The other 33% are cordial…they’ll greet and go. And the remaining 33.9% are dead-right…not nice.

Now…a good chunk of the 33% of really nice people I have to say live in Kendall, Pinecrest or Palmetto Bay…in my opinion.

I remembered when I moved here, neighbors were bringing me cookies and welcome flowers. Holy Molly! I was so shocked I had to ask my wife…are we still in Dade County? I even had a neighbor bring me a pot of candy…and I don’t even like candy! Needless to say…the latter is just a sample of my run-ins with people out here. Out here…people are extraordinary.

TWO – Silence: No am not dead. And its not that I actually look for silence, but it’s great to have it as an option. When I used to live with my parents near Coral Gables…it rocked for the most part. The homes are somewhat in close proximity to the street. So every time you hear a wanna-be-gangsta blasting their stereo to the beat of Snoop Dog at 2 am…that sucked. BTW…am a fan of snoop…so no harm on him.

Or…get this. Parties. I love parties. Am Hispanic ..my mom gave birth to me in the middle of a party…it’s in my blood. But not on a Wednesday night when you just got home from having a few too many drinks with your buddies and you have to get up Thursday at 7 am to get ready for work. That sucks.

So having the option of silence where you live is great. In these areas, the loudest thing you’ll hear are the dogs barking at the squirrels. Am serious.

THREE – More Bang for the Buck: Palmetto Bay home lots average about 12,000 square feet and you can easily find those 15,000 square foot ones without worrying of how you are going to feed your kids next month. Yes…you may be sacrificing space for location, but…location is a relative word if you plan to not only live here but also work. Want a pool? You’ll have space. Want dogs? They’ll have space. Want Mangos? You’ll have space? Get the point?

I personally wasn’t a fan of living here until I got married. I was shooting for South Miami or Coconut Grove. And now that I got a taste of it…am hooked. The only downside is that “proper” lawn care can get pricey. And am not just talking about cutting the lawn and blowing off leaves. Am talking about lawn fertilizer, sprinkler system, weed control….the works. My lawn needs more care than my two-year old…it blows. But it’s a great feeling to come home to my beautiful house surrounded with thick and well manicured landscaping. It’s worth the buck.

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