When To Dump Your Lender

When To Dump Your Lender? Or why would you?

If you are buying a home through financing, the process of asking and getting documents between each other (you and the lender) must be like syrup and pancakes: amazing! (noticed am a fan of pancakes with syrup?). SO…what does that mean?

Simple things like getting the application out of the way within 48 hours from the moment you enter contract with a seller. And ordering the appraisal within 24 hours after completion of application. And these are just a few examples.

If your lender drags their feet on the above, DUMP THEM. If within the first 72 hours, your lender has not pro-actively gone after you for the application and fee in order to get the appraisal going…DUMP THEM. It’s that simple.

Why? The hurdles involved in financing a deal can be complicated not just because of what the lender may demand from you the buyer, but what they may ask from the seller. If the lender is not on “the ball” from the get go…95% for sure that you will not meet the deadline to provide seller loan commitment (or LOC) and or not close on time.

And that is no light issue as your good faith deposit may be at stake.

The average financing transaction takes about 30 to 45 to close. And trust me…you will need every single day at your disposal. And the truth of the matter is that 30 days is just about the right amount of time needed to close a deal so as long as your loan representative is not only competent, but is also able to push the right buttons on the lender’s back end to make the deal run smoothly.

What about forty-five days to close? I would dare to say that 45 days is way too long to close a deal…but it’s not outside reasonableness.

As a matter of fact, within the first 15 to 20 days, you should know if you will be closing on day 30 or 45…whichever you and the seller agreed. UNLESS…there are title issues…but that is a seller problem…not a buyer’s problem.

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