Sir Pizza Auto Show in Kendall

pontiac trans amCome and enjoy a nice, friendly, atmospheric evening at the Kendall auto show featuring classics and new models!

Classic carFor most men, their second dream, after the American dream of owning a home, is to own a sports car or/and a classic  car. Those beautiful muscle cars in which you can FEEL the power of the engines run through your veins as you cruise down the streets having all eyes on you! Now that is a pretty picture to imagine. Or maybe you’re the type of person who likes the new sports type of cars, zooming down the highway, like the Porsche, Camaro, mustang, or Z370.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see all these classics and new cars without having to pay those auto car show fees?  Or you might already be a proud owner of one of these beautiful cars and you would simply love to show it off at a car show. You could show off its latest modifications and upgrades you worked so hard for.

Well this is the place to do so! Every month Sir Pizza located at 12562 SW 120 St hosts a car show in the evening displaying a variety of throwbacks, classical, and newer models of the best cars. Customized cars, restored cars, and cars in its mint condition from way back in the day are all displayed for everyone to enjoy and take pictures of. Also, big trucks and off-roading vehicle are not left behind, they have those too!Nissan 350z

My favorite part of the show was looking at rows of candy colored cars; so beautiful and eye catching! Best part of it all, it’s FREE! No admission fees just bring your family, friends or loved ones to enjoy an evening of amazement as you pass by rows and rows of instant classics and modern cars.

You can also bring your own proud work of a car and show it off! Just drive it to the place and find a nice parking spot, maybe near your own type of car section and meet other car lovers who share the same interest in the same car. Exchange ideas, talk about your most recent upgrades and modification! Then feel proud as people walk by admiring your car and giving you compliments.

Don’t forget to bring your family, friends or even a date! It is a great place to spend a nice Saturday evening with music and entertainment as well.

Location:  Sir Pizza located at 12562 SW 120 St
When: 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month
Time: check Facebook page but usually 7pm-10pm

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