Sunday Outdoors At The Redland Riding Academy

Two thumbs up for the Redland Riding Academy.  So my wife and I wake up on a Sunday morning and decide to take our 3-year old out to the open. So I suggest to get him on a horse?

My wife then reminds me that our son, Jake, is 3 years old. So I counter back…lets get him on a pony.  Score!

So we Google a few places and wala….Redland Riding Academy comes up.  We spoke to a kind lady to confirm time and price. Everything worked out way too smooth. They were ready for my son on demand and for only $20 per 20 minutes. You can’t beat that.

In addition, they gave us animal feed for the pigs, ducks, etc.  Talk about bang for buck. Strongly recommend this place.

Warning: have a toddler that’s always going at 100 miles per hour like mine and will run fearlessly towards anything? Lookout for animal poop.  What the heck. It’s a farm right. You can’t complain.

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