3 Goal Setting Tips From An Analytical Freak

Disclosure: my 3 tips focus on what to do, not how to do it.  Wondering how to do it? Talk to Master Google. She always has the answer! (or is it a he?)

One: Motivation.

This whole entire post, or any thought of achieving a goal for that matter, is meaningless unless you have strong motivation to conquer that goal. And I won’t bore you to death, nor pretend to be Dr. Phil, on how to build your motivation for that comes from within.  The way I see it, if you are motivated for a goal, you’ll somehow find the energy and guidance…that “yellow brick road” to make it happen.

Otherwise, trash that goal and think of something else that gets you excited.

Two: Track It.

In my opinion, all of us have that “initial” motivation to start the process towards achieving a goal.  But most people fail to achieve them because they don’t track its progress.  I was lucky to be introduced into “tracking numbers” early in my twenties due to my work in the field of finance. It’s second nature. Despite the latter, for most of my goals I am pretty good at tracking their progress…a few others…I suck.

Here’s a personal example of a goal I am good at tracking:

In order to sell “X” number of properties per year, I have to go on “X” number of listing appointments per year.  In order to go on “X” number of listing appointments per year, I have to generate “X” number of leads per year. In order to generate “X” number of leads per year, I have to talk to “X” number of people per year.  Then divide that number of people per year by number of working days.

Now I know how many people I must talk to per day to achieve my sold properties goal.  I have kept track of these numbers for 5 years, and it has not failed me. By keeping track of this, it puts things into an unemotional perspective.   Each day I know how much fire must be put on my rear to bring home the bacon.

Is it exciting? Absolutely. Is it also painful? Heck yes. Especially when I fall behind. But this is the beauty of tracking progress. It lets me know when I am slacking or keeping up. As long as I keep up with the number of people I talk to, I am sure to succeed.  And I don’t know about you, but I like bacon. Lots of it. It gets me excited!

Three: In Your Face.

You must see your goal and its progress E.V.E.R.Y. S.I.N.G.L.E. day.  I personally see  my goals in my computer in the morning before I do anything. No phone. No emails. No Facebook.  Just my goals and I, in harmony.  Sounds cheesy…I know 😛

There’s not much science to this advice, so I’ll leave it at that.

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