Home Prices Spike. And There Are No Homes For Sale!

It’s a seller’s market throughout Miami as prices get hot during the first quarter of 2015. Quite a turn around from the later half of 2014.  Why the rebound? Foreclosures are no where to be seen and equity sellers (regular home owners like you and I) are gripping to their homes with vengeance reclaiming what they had lost in value since the real estate crisis.

This lack of inventory is giving buyers little to choose from and even lesser price negotiation leverage.  Sellers are literally getting away with murder by asking what they want for their home, and getting it.

Average Sold Price Miami Florida 2015

What’s the outlook? If you ask a seller, bright. If you’re asking a buyer, it sucks. The foreclosure market is expected to continue to dwindle.  The economy is expected to continue to improve.  And as long as home price appreciation meets or exceeds  the cost for home owners to hold onto their properties, the expectation is that they’ll wait “a bit longer” to sell.

What was the average home worth in 2010 vs now is 2015? See below graph.

average single family price miami

How long are single family homes staying in the market until they are sold? See below graph.

days on market single family home miami

What type of sales are dominating your neighborhood? See below graph.

type of single family home sale in miami

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