How To Deal With “Feel Good” Offers AKA Verbal Offers

Homeowners, have you ever had someone tell you they love your home so much they would buy it but then nothing happens…

In this video, you will learn how to deal with “feel good” offer aka verbal offers. You will be able to eliminate the not so serious buyers and get an actual written contract, which is what matters at the end.

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Top 3 Factors Buyers Consider To Determine Home Value

Home sellers may think their home is worth a certain price while home buyers may think it’s worth a different price. Not only should you go by the market value of your neighborhood to determine the value of your home but also through buyer feedback.

What factors do buyers consider home to determine your home value?

Every home buyer is different, but throughout our experience with home buyers, we have noticed these 3 factors come up the most that buyers look at in a home to determine the home value.

1. Home updates

Buyers look for the costly updates such as a new roof, impact widows and flooring. These updates can make a difference when buyers are comparing it to other homes in the neighborhood.

2. The layout of the home

Is the home an open lay out or not? Is it a split bedroom layout? Depending on the buyer’s needs this will also determine whether they make an offer on your home or the other home for sale down the street.

3. Time, effort, and money to bring home up to buyer standards

No home is the “perfect” home for a buyer. Home buyers will always want to make a few changes here and there. The questions is, how much time, effort and money will it take to makes these changes? The fewer the changes they need to make the more value they will add to the home.

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How do buyers determine your home value?

Buyers determine home value by a process called “comparison shopping”. Buyers compare the three factors mentioned above, against similar properties in the neighborhood to make a decision.

How do you make sure your home is Priced right?

Hiring the right real estate agent to assess the value of the home is important, even more so than advertising. Not having the right price on a home can mean the difference between a house selling in 30 to 60 days as opposed to not selling at all.

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1 Mistake That Can Cost You Big Bucks When Selling Your Home

Do Not Be Too Critical of Your Home

More often than not, I come across homeowners who are more critical of their home than they should be. More so, when it comes to preparing their home for sale.

When I come across an owner with a list of repairs and upgrades for their home, I have to stop them from potentially losing money! This often happens due to the fact that when living in a home, the owner will notice every small detail and think it is a big one in need of fixing.

A good example is, when you have guests over at your home, it is almost out of instinct to say “excuse the mess!” even though your home may be super clean and organized. The same thing happens when preparing to sell your home.

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Get Expert Advise to Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

Do not fall into your critical perspective of your home and repair and upgrade every minor thing. Get an expert advise from a professional real estate agent on what are necessary repair expenses and what are not!

Avoid making the mistake of spending money to fix-up the home if at the end it will not make a difference at the time of sale.

In my many years of experience helping homeowners sell their home, I have been able to sell homes AS-IS and make the most profit for my client at the sale.

If you need guidance on what are necessary repairs for your home, contact me with no compromise or obligation! I am glad to help you make the right decisions to make the most of your home sale!

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