7 Tips For Moving

Below are a few helpful links to aid the process of “where to look” to get things done when you are ready to move to a new home.

  1. Change of address
  2. FPL (connect / disconnect electricity)
  3. Water (connect / disconnect water)
  4. Schedule a Bulk Waste Pick Up
  5. Yelp.com: go to this site and type “moving services” to check out companies and reviews of them.
  6. Amazon.com: type “moving boxes” on the search box and get great deals (free alternative: you can go to your local supermarket during product unloading time to get their boxes. This is usually done around 6 or 7 am).
  7. Evernote (for you techies that your life revolves around your phone, keep track of all items / schedules via this amazing app).

You can always Google about “moving checklist” and you will get 5.5 million results on the topic. So I figured why fight a beast when the work has already been done.

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