Submitting Offers Without Success?

Despite the media hype about the overflow of real estate homes, buying a foreclosure in today’s market can be complicated. Without the right advice and guidance, buyers often become de-motivated, fed up and tired of submitting offers to countless foreclosures. Here is my simple tip for increasing your chances of scoring a good foreclosed home…submit an offer above asking price….higher….higher!

Why? REO sellers price their properties below market value. This is a tactic utilized to lure in as many buyers as possible offers, house, successfull, bid, bidding, closedinto a deal at the same. The lower the price, the more people find out about the property.

The more people find out about the property, emotions run wilder. And the more wild emotions get…the higher offer amounts people submit relative to the asking price. Off course…there is no need to submit offers above fair market value, but definitely above asking price. It is very usual to see 4, 5, 8, or even 10 offers on a particular property.

In addition, knowing what terms (non- price related) should accompany an offer is key to a successful bid. Say you are financing a deal, yet we know we are competing against cash offers. Well, cash offers mainly have two contingencies that protect them (which is why sellers prefer cash as opposed to financing where you may have at least 5 or 6 contingencies that protect the buyer)…the inspection period and clean title.

For a buyer that is financing a deal, your inspection, appraisal, title, letter of commitment and so on…must be super aggressive in order to entice the seller to choose your offer over the cash deal. It’s tough, but doable.

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