Thick Skin For Buyer Feedback

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Apart from price, marketing advertising, etc…listening to buyer feedback is key to selling a property. Married people should be pros at this. Often, sellers want to fix this and update that and upgrade the other. Non sense. The chances of finding a buyer with your taste, or somewhere similar, are slim to non.

Want to increase your bottom line? Don’t spend it…yet.

If the flaw with your home is not detrimental (there is a waterfall coming thru the roof), don’t fix it. Put the home in the market and see what people’s opinion are all about if any. If buyers complaint about the same thing, then, you do something. You either adjust the price to reflect the problem or fix it. This will save you time and money and believe it or not, you will make the buyer happy for not picking granite counter top colors of your taste.

Once the problem is fixed, call those buyers back and negotiate. Last piece of advice; ask for buyer feed back while showing the property or as they are stepping out the door. See…most buyers are not just looking at your house. They are seeing several. So unless they like yours in particular, they will not remember your home’s features if you wait to ask a day or two later.

Last…last…piece of advice. Grow some skin. Some feedback may not be pleasant, some may be great. The whole point of this is to help you spend less money fixing things, save you time, and sell the property quickly. This is not a popularity contest.

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