Club House Beach Everglades National Park

Club House Beach Everglades National Park is nothing short of a spectacle for the light hearted. What do I mean? When I shared my story and pictures with family and friends…they all had a common response: “you are nuts”.

So here is my end of the story. You will read the words mud and flood often. The trail is 6 miles one way and 6 miles back. The end point? Club House Beach. Sounds cheery? Far from it.

I have walked this trail twice. Once in August 2012 and November 2013.

Don’t go in the summer! Mosquitoes were not brutal, but they did give us a run for our money. And pack lightly. Whatever you are thinking of, cut it in half for you will not need it. And whatever is left in your backpack, get rid of half of it. Trust me.

See…when I went in November, although it was cooler…it had rained plenty. So most of the trail was flooded and or muddy. I would dare to say that the terrain in November was rougher than August. But the key element here was what I was carrying. In 2013 I took a 1/3 of what I took in 2012. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

Forget the weather conditions, mosquitoes, length of walk, etc. These elements were super manageable given light weight in hand.

What I took in my bag:

Cell phone, 2 energy bars, small flashlight with batteries (no extras), hammock to sleep (see pic), rain cover, Swiss knife (also used as a utensil), mosquito face net, mosquito repellent, food (two tuna pouches, a few crackers, and two apples), 100 ounces of water, mini moist towels, and a rain coat.

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What I wore: Long sleeve shirt, pants, hiking shoes, socks, and a hat.

Walk to the beach is about 3-4 hours. And the only cell reception is from AT&T…and it’s weak and spotty. Signal goes off and on.

So what’s the story behind this club house? Absolutely nothing your eyes may have not already seen.

The beach is ugly. There is barely any sand…and its full of seashells. So walking barefoot is a pain in the rear. Mosquitoes also live at the beach. And you shouldn’t get into the water due to sharks. Lovely isn’t it?

So why have I gone twice? Because of the adventure and the feeling of accomplishment. This walk is considered one of the most difficult in the Southeast U.S. It’s a great feeling to just get out there onto something new and wild with your buds. And yes…I plan on doing it again in 2014.

Plan on going? Let me know!

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