Does Size Matter Among Real Estate Companies?


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Who to choose in the event of selling is a million dollar question for many homeowners?

The quick answer is: it doesn’t matter.

The real answer: companies don’t sell homes. Agents do.

So I recently listed a client’s home for sale by the Calusa area in Kendall. This is a prospect that simply went online and found three real estate agents. Appointments were made with each, and I was the lucky chosen one to represent the seller.

According to the seller, I was competing against an agent from Remax and an agent from Coldwell Banker. During the interview, the seller asks me; “Who the heck are you? Never heard of your company name.” And I replied; “K&A Realty…family business.”

His next question was; “why should I hire you if you are unknown?”. I replied; “all you need to feel is convinced that the agent you hire will sell your home for the highest possible price within your time expectations. As for branding, logos, company names, the car I drive, cologne I wear…all that might as well go down the drain”.

There are a few other compelling reasons I provided to the seller as to why it does not matter if you hire a big or small company, but I’ll leave that for our appointment (yes…you reading this).

Am sure most of us have seen big realty companies advertise on TV during prime time. Ever seen your home address included in those ads? Nooo!

See, what big companies do want you to “feel” is that you are hiring a corporation with bells and whistles to handle the sale. And real estate agents from big companies drill this “feeling” at appointments with one goal in mind. Get the listing.

Watch out. Don’t be fooled by this. You may be hiring a part time Realtor that sold two listings in the past twelve months. And one of them was their own home 🙂

Lastly, half of the top agents nation wide run their own show under their own name. And I am one of them. Why would that be?

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