What $300,000 Gets You

15230 sw 100 ave kendall fl 33157Don’t worry. You have options.

So today I had a good friend call me to help him, his wife and two kids find a single family home for under $300,000. So here is the lowdown based on my search.

West of the Florida Turnpike, and from 8th street all the way to 120th street, you’ll easily get a home with a small or medium size yard. One car garage (maybe two) and most likely no association. And living space hovering 2,000 square feet. And possibly with a pool.

Now..say in between the Florida Turnpike and Palmetto Bay? Bells and whistles begin to get chopped. Now you are looking at a small lot, or a medium sized home under 2,000 square feet under AC. And most likely the home will be in need of a considerable repairs or upgrades (five years of roof left, replacement of AC, kitchen in need of gutting, etc).

And most likely you will only be able to buy it cash of via a conventional loan. No FHA. And its not that the homes don’t qualify for FHA. Its the competition (other buyers). They are strong and willing to put down the necessary “mula” to get the deal done…not just 3.5% down payment.

East of Palmetto Bay? Good luck. Unless you have $300,000 in cash. Only then will your be able to buy a property in need of major repairs…to the point where the home is not finance-able. Or you can always settle for land 🙁

Times are changing and changing quickly. Prices are moving up and not just in our neck of the woods, but also throughout the United States. And although rumors are that prices will flatten out in 2014…they are only a rumors.

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