Paris Love Lockets in Kendall

love lockets

You might have heard of the famous love lockets that cover up two bridges in Paris, France (Pont de Arts and Pont de l’Archevêché). If not, allow me to do a quick story telling:

Couples in love and wanting to share their devotion for each other go with their locket and write their names or initials on it and lock them on the bridge and then throw away the key in the water symbolizing their eternal love.

No one really knows how it started but there are countless of theories of its start. Nonetheless, it has become a phenomenon in Paris, France and it has spread around the world.

The bridges are completely covered in lockets and at times hard to find a new spot to add a new locket because of their popularity among soul mates. Now this tradition has slowly begun to take over a bridge here in Kendall! love lockets

If you go to The Palms at Town and Country right across Cadillac Ranch restaurant, you will see a lovely bridge overlooking the lake and its’ nice to look at water fountains. As you approach the bridge you will start noticing locks on the rails of the bridge. If you get closer you will be able to read couples names. Some are very faint to read or have completely been erased due to weather but the locks still stay as a symbol of everlasting love. Some lockets are simple while others are decorated to stand out.

Next time you take a nice romantic evening stroll at The Palms at Town and Country, make sure to cross over the bridge and take a quick look at the love lockets. Even if you don’t add your own love locket it is a nice feeling seeing other couples expression of love.

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