Top 4 Places to Go on a Date in Kendall

The Kendall area offers a variety of fun and unique things to do when going on a date. There is no need to always go outside of Kendall to have a good time. Here are a few ideas I have personally enjoyed and hope to pass on.

Kendall’s Ice Skating Arena:
10355 Hammocks Blvd, Miami, FL 33196

Ice skating is a very fun and great idea to take your date on. We live in south Florida, where it is always nice and warm. It rarely goes under 50 degrees so why not change it up a bit and go ice skating at Kendall’s Ice Skating Arena.  It is quite the experience and definitely an ice breaker (pun intended) for first dates. I remember going on one of my first dates ice skating and it definitely took off the pressure on both of us.

Reasons it’s a good idea:

  • First of all, you are forced to hold hands because of the challenge of first time skaters to maintain balance.
  • Second, it’s really cold inside, therefore encouraging close proximity between each other to keep warm.
  • Lastly, ice skating consist of team work to help each other learn to maintain balance and get the flow going, perfect scenario to see if there is chemistry and a connection between each other.

The best part of this experience is that it is super fun and an activity out of the ordinary here in warm, sunny, south Florida.

Regal Kendall Village Cinema 16
8595 SW 124 Ave, Miami, FL 33183kendall regal cinema 16

If you decided to go the more traditional first date route, then the Regal Cinema 16 at Kendall Village is the place to be! This is one of my favorite movie theaters because:

  • it does not get too crowded
  • its fairly quiet compared to other movie theaters I’ve been to
  • And it’s a pretty cool cinema building

Next time you go make sure to take a nice stroll around the area and enjoy each others company.

Moon Thai & Japanese Restaurant
16311 N. Kendall Dr. Kendall, Florida 33196

Do you or your date like sushi? Well this place has it all! Out of all the sushi places I’ve been too (about 4) this place is by far the best! Great selection of a variety of sushi and delicious Thai food! My personal favorites are the spicy tuna roll and fried tempura sushi, they are mouthwatering guaranteed!

Reasons to go:

  • If you are new to sushi or have only tried the California roll (like I used to all the time), experimenting with different types of sushi at Moon is a must and it will not fail you.
  • After eating here you will not want to eat anywhere else!
  • The Thai donuts! Thai donuts at Moon are out of this world! It is a must eat for dessert.
  • Easy on the wallet.

The Palms at Town and Country
8505 Mills Dr, Miami, FL 33183The Palms at Town and Country

If you are looking for live music, entertainment, drinks and good food then The Palms at Town and Country is your go to for a good time. No need to go to anywhere else with its great selection of restaurants and bars. You can also take a nice stroll and enjoy the nightlife it brings. Don’t forget to add your love locket at the bridge over looking Cadillac Ranch restaurant for a nice romantic touch to end the evening.

Reasons to go:

  • Live music and entertainment
  • Great selection of restaurants and variety of drinks (World of Beer and Blue Martini!)
  • Nice and not too loud or chaotic atmosphere to enjoy a more intimate moment

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