From Client To Fan. It’s Easier Than You Think.

fanJust a few minutes ago I got an email from Men’s Warehouse asking me to take a survey.  Under usual circumstances, I would have pressed “delete”.  Not this time. Why?  Because their client service rocks!

So next thing I though….wow…let me write about client service.  And I started thinking what other places have I been to that rock the boat.  And there are a handful of places, but here are the three I will write about:

  1. Men’s Warehouse at The Palms (or Town and Country for us adults)
  2. Cheesecake Factory in Dadeland Mall
  3. Sole Runner off SW 117 avenue and Kendall Drive

Disclaimer: I love Miami, and I can’ think of any other place to live at this moment in my life. There are so many great things about this city, but client service is not one of them (in many places).   So I will not talk about the obvious “good client service” everyone expects.  Rather, I will pin point the details that stood out.

Men’s Warehouse

Every time I walk into this place there is someone with a smile and enthusiasm greeting you near the door.  Every time! Macys? Target? Pay attention.

I mean…who does that?  Not even my wife I tell you.  These people must be on Red Bull all the time.

Cheesecake Factory

If your server goes MIA, and you ask another server for the bill or an extra fork, etc…they will bring it you.

So many other places I have been to.  Same situation. My server is MIA, so I ask another server for something.  Their response?  “This is not my table” or “I’ll tell your server”…WTF?!

This reminds me of a time I went to Home Depot on SW 137 avenue and Kendall Drive. I was looking for God knows what but couldn’t find it. So I ask this lady for help.  Her response?  “I am on break, you’ll have to wait till I’m done, or find someone else”.  Then she walked away.  I promise you I am not kidding.

Sole Runner

These people are out of control.  The guy that was taking care of me was way too nice.  Not freaky nice…but nice.  Who would have thought there was a whole science, and angles, and measures, and foot pressure, and how I step, and how I run, and so on and on…in calculating the right shoe for you.

You think you are wearing the right running shoe?  Ha! Unless you bought a shoe in this place, chances are that you are not.

So what’s the moral here without putting you to sleep?  For the most part, in my experience, clients will return for your business if you use minimum client service common sense.  But if you add one or two details (you don’t have to align the moon and stars in order to create the perfect sunset and make them happy), you’ll create a raving fan or a referral machine.

One or two added details. That’s it.

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