Should I Sell My Home Before Buying A New One?

Should I Sell My Current Home First?

I have had homeowners face the dilemma of being ready to look for their dream home but are not sure whether they need to sell their current home first to buy their new home.

You may think you need to sell your home first in order to buy a new one. Reason being, most often, you need the money from the sale of your home to go into buying the new home. But, the dilemma is you may not want to put your home for sale before finding your dream home.

What if I told you, you can buy your new home and sell your current home at the same time?

Buy And Sell Your Home… At The Same Time

Yes, this is possible! I have done it numerous times with my clients in the past with the same situation. With the right knowledgeable real estate agent, you can put your home for sale, look for your dream home, get both homes under contract and close at the same time.

Selling and buying at the same time is known as a simultaneous closing. At the time of closing your current home, you can transfer the proceeds directly to the purchase of your new home!

All it takes is the right timing, marketing and negotiation skills from a professional real estate agent with experience in simultaneous closings. No hassle of moving twice or moving into a hotel or a family’s home while waiting to buy.

Sell And Buy With Us!

Fell free to reach out to us for a NO obligation consultation on whether selling and buying your dream home at the same time is right for you! We will guide you through the whole process, from beginning to end and even beyond to ensure all is well after closing.

How to Find Good Tenants in Miami

Finding good tenants in Miami can be a frustrating process. How do you know if they will be good tenants? In addition to finding good tenants, comes the hassle of managing property repairs and tenant complaints if not addressed right or on time. All this can turn into headaches!

We Remove the Stress in Finding Good Tenants and Property Management

We provide two services:

1. Finding good tenants in Miami

When you list your property or properties for rent with us, we advertise your home using our best marketing strategies to target the right tenants.

Our fee to list a property for rent is the first month rental amount. We do NOT charge any extension fees if tenants decide to renew for the years to come.

If the tenant leaves on the 11th month of the one year lease or before, we find you another tenant at NO extra listing fee!

We conduct a thorough tenant screening to find good tenants. This tenant screening consist of the following six items:

  1. Proof of income. We make sure the rent to income ratio is 2 to 1. This means, the tenant’s monthly household income should be at least twice the rental price. In addition, we ask for verifiable proof of income (no bank statements).
  2. Credit history. We request a full credit history to verify tenants are good on making monthly payments.
  3. Employment verification. We verify the company or employer they work for are a legitimate company and we verify tenants employment details. If tenant is self-employ we verify tax returns.
  4. Landlord references. We request references from their previous rentals. We verify landlord contact information matches property owner on public records.
  5. Criminal background check. We request a criminal background check for all occupants over the age of 18.
  6. Eviction history. We run a search on any public recorded evictions.

Download our tenant screening checklist here!

2. Property Management

Once we find you good tenants, we also offer our second service of property management. Our office will manage your rentals for a fee of just 10% of the monthly rental starting on the second month of the lease. Our management services include:

  • Receiving rental payments from tenants.
  • Manage tenant relations and complaints.
  • Coordinate and overlook property repairs (with landlord’s approval).
  • Coordinate property maintenance.
  • Make payments on landlord’s behalf (with landlord’s approval) to HOA, property insurance company, property taxes, and/or mortgages.
  • Provide a monthly statement of rental payments and expenses.

Own a Rental and Need to Find Good tenants?

Put our 16 plus years of experience to the test. Contact us to find out how we can service you!