3 Reasons Why Your House is Not Selling

3 Months have passed and my house is not selling

I spoke with a homeowner who had their property listed for three months and had zero buyers go see it. I could not believe it when I heard it, I was in disbelief because we are in a sellers’ market and their house was not selling. There are many buyers out there searching for their ideal home. Therefore, if a home is not getting any showing requests within a month, then there is something up.

Why is my house not selling?

Here are the 3 reasons your house is not selling:

1. Price

Is your house properly priced? This is the first and most important question to ask if your house is not being shown. Odds are, it may be overpriced and buyers are discouraged to go see it.

Now, how do you overprice a home? Many homeowners compare their homes to their neighbor’s homes that may also be for sale. Do not compare your home value with currently for-sale homes in your neighborhood. Your best bet is determining your home price based off the recently sold prices in your neighborhood and the condition of those homes. Similar homes to yours may have upgrades while others don’t and the condition varies. All these factors help determine the correct value of your home.

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2. Bad marketing

First impressions count! Having good professional quality pictures of your home is a must! Your house pictures are the first impression buyers will have and you want to make it a good one so they can set the appointment to see it.

In addition to good professional quality pictures, your house is not selling due to poor advertising. Where these pictures and details of your house are being advertised are very important. They need to be advertised in at least every major real estate website, such as Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, etc.

Furthermore, with so many people on social media all the time, it has become as important as the major real estate websites, for advertising your home for sale.

3. How does the property show?

So now you know you need good professional pictures, but how will your house show in those pictures? It is not enough to have good angles and lighting in the pictures, but the actual house needs to look good too.

Therefore, ask yourself these questions. Is your house nicely organized? Is it de-cluttered? Are the walls painted in appealing colors?

Many times I have encountered listings with poor pictures or pictures where the home does not show well and my buyer clients do not even bother booking an appointment even though the description fits their criteria.

Get clear answers to why your house is not selling

If you are working with a real estate agent and your house is not selling, you need to get clear answers from your agent as to why this is happening.

My point is, in real estate, things can move quickly while other times, they may not. Therefore, no matter what direction the housing market is heading, you need to be aware of the causes. Not only that, you need to know why certain things are or are not happening. And have a clear understanding of those reasons. If you feel like you are not getting clear answers, it may be time to move on to a different agent.

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